The Five Star Standard of Naming

If you have a super brand, then let the whole world see it.

If you think that you have an exclusive and absolute 100% Ownership
to that brand name identity, then you must prove it.

Today, 99% of some of the most advertised and intensely promoted name brands cannot.

Names like Rolex, Sony, Panasonic or PlayStation can. Such brand names are exclusively
and absolutely 100% owned by their respective corporations, giving them global respect
and an undisputed understanding of their ownership to customers all over the world,
resulting in global power and a Five Star Standard Status.

Is your brand name identity worthy to be exclusively owned by you
or is it already being shared by hundreds of others?

The Five Star Standard of Naming
A star is awarded for each YES answer:

Is your name easy and simple?

Is your name one-of-a-kind?

Is your name highly related to your business activity?

Is your name globally protectable?

Is your name with a matching and identical dotcom?




The brand name holds a winning combination, and is fully capable of traveling
around the world without hassle, and consequently owns a bright future.
Such Five Star name identities cost very little in promotion as they attract customers
based on their shine and personality, therefore promoting themselves with
unparalleled personality and dynamic appeal. All super successful brands
around the globe have attained Five Star Status.


The identity is somewhat solid, yet still lacking in some critical area.
A deficiency of any of the five key components makes the name very difficult
to push. Costs will always increase and sales may be low.


The name identity is injured; excessive adverting is constantly needed
to keep the name alive, marketing messages keep changing
and overly-exaggerated graphic support is required to cover up the
missing components. The name appears bandaged in an attempt to keep it upright.


The name-identity is seriously damaged; all the efforts are uphill battle.
Sales are difficult, recognition is never achieved and limitations are
constantly hurting the name identity.


The name-identity has been exhausted and is simply dying;
no amount of advertising will protect it or make it a big brand.
Customers have little respect for the brand, while the markets
and competition become increasingly aware, rendering your brand
in a vulnerable position. It will either fade away as a forgotten identity
or be overtaken by more dynamic identities.

Can you now measure the progress of your high maintenance name brands?
After all, brand name identity development so often confused with logos
and graphics is strictly a black-and-white exercise that demands
a commanding knowledge of the subject of nomenclature.

The Five Star Standard is the real acid test; denials will only prolong the agony.

  The Five Star Standard of Naming was originally created and developed by
ABC Namebank International two decades ago, and has been written about
in various publications over the last few years. There are many other
proven methods and proprietary techniques that ABC Namebank applies
to branding projects to ensure an absolute and clear 100% ownership
of the name identity in the global marketplace for its clients.

Our solemn belief at ABC Namebank in placing a solid emphasis on Five Star quality
and the 100% ownership of a name as an ultimate test of a brand’s power ensures us
a unique base for our strengths that we bring to a boardroom. Based on this principle,
we have solely and exclusively worked on this side of naming architecture for the
last 30 years and have earned respect and recognition all over the world.
To acquire a deeper understanding of your current name identity and to find out
its real hidden powers or other secret weaknesses, download the PDF document

To request more information about owning a Five Star Name brand
or any other local or global naming issues, please send us an email.

Extreme confidentiality is assured.

ABC Namebank International

30th year